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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

dn6 wp225 bar air hose swivel

Safety restraint system and inertial reel therefor

3001634 Locking swivel hanger 1961-09-26 Bauder 104/89 2871915 Orthopedic (FIGS. 1 and 2), one end of which is connected by a hose 112 to a

Collision protection system for vehicle - uses bumper which

The vehicle leading part, for example the bumper (1), is mounted so that it is capable of a swivel action. In the event of an accident a rolling

Universal swing bearing fitment for swivel doors and windows

Switching contact structure for an electric switch has a contact carrier on which several contact levers swivel on bearings by means of a bearing shaft

Trademaster 415V 7 Industrial Swivel Head Bandsaw WP210SH-3

Trademaster 415V 7 Industrial Swivel Head Bandsaw WP210SH-3

wp kruger 1972 - AUTOMATED VACUUM PORT

Swivel plate 42 in turn is attached to bottom plate 12 at pivot 52; Air will then fill chamber 10 as the probe is moved past O-ring 26,

Tilt and swivel mechanism for chairs

US3220688 * 1963821 19651130 Walter P Baermann Tilt and swivel mechanism for chairsUS3220688 * Aug 21, 1963 Nov 30, 1965 Walter P

US3420581 - Swivel handle connector for

a swivel bracket made of a single piece of Bars 42 are substantially coextensive with said 225 8/1959 Birr 306-ll X 3,174,172 3/1965

Glass forming apparatus

20121219- which are suspended between the indexing shaft bar 61 and the indexing Thus the pushing to the right of the swivel block 47 by the necki

Mobility system for heavy machinery retrofit

a pair of feet implemented as blocks, attached against a bottom surface of the horizontal ledge of said swivel-mounting angle bracket, one at each end

Locking arrangement for swivel chair structure

the flange p ortionfis comprises two spaced discs 39 and 40 hose 3. A device for locking a swivel chair seat to a chair base of the

Chair control mechanism

In another form of chair, such as a swivel rocker, the other component bar body portion in one direction, the other one of said torsion bar end

Swivel handle connector for utensils

Swivel handle connector for utensilsRichardson William PUS3420581 * Jun 21, 1967 Jan 7, 1969 Empire Brushes Inc Swivel handle connector for

Swivel body for fluid driven torque wrenches

An improved ratcheting tool swivel body assembly which would include a swivel body having a principal body portion, and a threaded port extending outward

Hitch device of the connection facilitating type

crossbar and forwardly flaring sections adapted to engage the sides of said US4045143 * 1975829 1977830 Valeriano Gomiero Swivel hitch

Freewheeling mechanism

2005419- such a a flexible rubber or metallic hose, to air is free to flow into the upper end of so that the movable bracket 96 can swivel si

Mounting system for a motor vehicle

While bolts and slide bars are suited for a linear movement in order to particular control knobs, levers, buttons or also swivel or hinged handles

HMS Tartar (1756)

First Sea Lord, Westland Lynx, Fleet Air Arm, Standing Royal Navy 12 × swivel guns HMS Tartar was a 28-gun sixth-rate frigate of the

Enclosed thorough wash filter press

air operated means secured to said hood and said5 by six-inch swivel casters 98 connected to acrosspiece 95 between legs 92 by hooked hose 93

Box container and loading space for a motor vehicle

said door and said collapsible box container connected in such a way that opening said swivel lid effects erection of said collapsible box container,

Four-wheel alignment system

The fixtures may be attached to the supporting members or directly to a vehicle wheel and include a guide block and a plurality of swiveling rim claws


A number of covers laterally arranged in parallel on a front side of the hard drive enclosure, each capable of swiveling around a front axle and

Collapsible container

5588549 Container with swivelling sidewalls December, 1996 Furtner 5538153 where circulation of air and/or refrigerated gas is necessary to keep the

Method for arranging concrete piles in the ground

10. Pile-driving installation as claimed in claim 9, characterized in that the rotation motor and the ram block respectively can each be swivelled

Electrically controlled starting box

bars having swivel connection with said doors, a member hingedly connected to said frame above the doors and having fingers restraining said bars from

Ultrasonic testing of tank car welds

supply of coupling fluid through said flexible hose to said probe trolley. The probe shoes are mounted to the pistons by swivel balls and


This invention features a hose-handling facility comprised of a raised U-shaped swivel joints connected to the upper ends of said conduits and

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