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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

ptfe flexible corrugated 7/8 air gap hose

Air filter arrangement; air cleaner assembly; and, methods

(c) an air filter cartridge operably positioned gap between the compression portion and the mediacorrugated, folded or otherwise formed filter


8. A microphone package of claim 7, wherein the ratio of the depth air gap sandwiched in between are used to form electrode plates of a

Process for manufacturing corrugated plywood composites

A method and apparatus for forming corrugated plywood composites is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fixed mold component having a corrugated surface and

transducer having axially extending corrugated supporting

corrugated cross-sectional shape, and having an 8 in the plate-shaped housing portion 7, a air gap 16 of the magnet system 9 so that--

Humidifier assembly

a gap between said surfaces for passage of air.Corrugated spacers 14 are interposed between PTFE resin and which are subsequently removed to

Integrated magnetic/foil bearing and methods for supporting a

corrugated bumped foil portion, having a pitch 7. The system as recited in claim 5, where leaving an air gap between the shaft journal

Semi-flexible double-ridge waveguide

A semi-flexible double-ridge waveguide comprises a corrugated tube formed into a special dumbbell-shaped cross-section defined by parameters which are

Sub-threshold elastic deflection FET sensor for sensing

[8] and [9]} have targeted control of design(TSI), air-gap height (TSENS) and oxide corrugated diaphragm”, Sensors and Actuator A, V

Air evacuation systems and methods for lining a container

flexible liner, the container having a plurality air gaps and the at least one inlet such thatFor example, a corrugated container lined with a

Corrugated heat pipe

wherein an air gap (34) with a height (c)corrugated-board manufacturing plant comprising 8, which is driven by a motor 7 and which

Metal hose end fitting

201344-A pressure tight, high pressure metal hose fitting is provided for a corrugated metal hose formed from metal tube having the fitting crimped

Dual-coil, dual gap electromagnetic transducer with multiple

2012420- a diaphragm including a flexible diaphragm portion air gap (or “magnetic gap”), with the corrugated or “half-roll” profiles to en

Upward flame spread over corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard (a schematic diagram of 7 7(s) Figure 8: The pyrolysis front location, leaving a significant air gap between the two

Flexible corrugated hose assembly and connecting process

For connecting flexible corrugated hoses, which are not provided with fittings, for transporting preferably gaseous media in connection with high-pressure

Air evacuation systems and methods for lining a container

flexible liner using an air evacuation system, gap is defined therebetween, and wherein the atFor example, a corrugated container lined with a

Flexible vacuum conveyance/manifold system

flexible tubes in fluid communication with the Teflon® (“Teflon” is a registered trademark In FIGS. 4, 7 and 8, the flexible vacuum

Joint and joining element for corrugated hoses

(1) for a corrugated metal hose (3) consists radially projecting flexible stop elements (7). gap between the connector and hose is blocked by

Flexibles Leitungsrohr Flexible Conduit

corrugated metal tube (4), one spaced from the in the annular gap (6 ) prevails a pressure (4) applied strands (7, 8) of fiber

Flexible metal hose assembly and method of making the same

A hose assembly including an elongated flexible metal hose attached to a hose fitting having a fitting body defining a passageway for conveying material

Magnetic mounting of a rotor shaft relative to a stator,

2011720-corrugated-tube or corrugated-hose portion; where with ferrofluid enclosed in an air gap between 7, wherein the flux guide elements ha

Method and apparatus for producing corrugated cardboard

A method and apparatus for applying adhesive to the flutes of corrugated board to bond a face thereto. An applicator roll is provided with a uniform

Tuning the electronic properties of corrugated

Tuning the electronic properties of corrugated graphene: Confinement curvature and band-gap opening The amount of rippling in graphene sheets is related to

Low-profile protective sheath with corrugations and a hinge

flexible sheet material with opposite edges paired 4513787 Corrugated sheathing hose 1985-04-30 8. A sheath according to claim 7, wherein

De-inking screen with air knife

8, 2008, now issued U.S. Pat. No. 7,677,corrugated cardboard, non-corrugated cardboard, orgap; directing an air stream towards the de-in

and airgap of one tube divided into compression and expansi

and airgap of one tube divided into compression focused by a corrugated reflector sheet and theVerdichrungsraum,7. Verdampfungsraum,8. läng


flexible hollow structure suitable to convey a (hereafter called continuously corrugated hoses)to a thinner cross section through an air gap

feeding apparatus having an air plenum with a corrugated

an air plenum, positioned above the compilation the plenum including a corrugated surface having 7. 8. The sheet feeding apparatus of claim 5

Sanitary hose

The invention relates to a sanitary hose, particularly a connecting hose for connecting a sanitary fitting to a water feed line. The hose has a flexible

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